BOTS Open Source EDI Translator

Bots open source EDI translator is fully functional software for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Current version: 3.2.0 (released at 2014-09-02). There are many strong points for the Bots Open Source EDI Translator:

  • A complete EDI translator
  • Supports many EDI formats
  • Offers powerful and rapid translations
  • It is a very stable EDI system with good performance, easily runs over 150K EDI files per month
  • Configurable change management process (e.g. push changes from test to production)
  • Easily build in acknowledgements/confirmations (e.g. CONTRL)
  • Maintenance free and flexible EDI system
  • Platform independent (i.e. runs on Windows, Linux, Unix, OSX etc)

Supports All EDI Formats

  • EDIFACT – all messages/all versions available
  • X12 – all transactions/all versions available
  • Tradacoms
  • XML
  • CSV/delimited file
  • Fixed records
  • Excel
  • Json
  • SAP iDoc
  • EDI to readable format (html)
  • Direct database communication

Powerful Translations

  • Bots supports and translates any-to-any formats.  Translate to the format you can directly use!
  • Powerful mapping: easy querying of EDI messages to retrieve and place content.  Think of Xpath or SQL, but tailored for EDI.
  • Partner dependent translations.
  • Partner dependent syntax (often needed for x12).
  • Tackle the ‘many similar yet different translations’ in a sensible way.
  • Code conversion, e.g. EAN/UCC-numbers to internal article number.
  • Fully integrated Unicode (character sets).
  • Build-in, send and receive acknowledgements/confirmations (997, CONTRL).

Management of EDI Flows (Bots-monitor)

  • Bots-monitor is web based.  Use from any workstation in your company.
  • Clear, non-cluttered user-interface.
  • View and follow incoming and outgoing EDI flows.
  • View business documents like orders, invoices and despatch advices.
  • View the contents of your EDI files and those from your trading partners.
  • Re-send and re-receive EDI messages via interface
  • Get notified by mail in case of errors.

Flexible Deployment

  • Good scheduling options.
  • Communication and translations can be manually started, be scheduled or started from e.g. ERP software.
  • Automatic restart of EDI files when communication fails.
  • Easy configurable user rights: viewers, staff, superuser.
  • Use interface over HTTP or HTTPS/SSL.
  • Maintenance free: Bots does automatic maintenance of database, files etc.
  • Archiving of EDI files.
  • Directory monitoring/watching

Communication Options

  • POP3 including tls, ssl.
  • IMAP including tls, ssl.
  • SMTP including tls, ssl.
  • FTP, sFTP, FTPs (in and explicit)
  • File I/O
  • http(s)
  • Database connector (direct communication to database).
  • External communication modules.
  • User scriptable communication.
  • VAN’s.  Connections work with X400, IPMail, Sterling Commerce, Inovis, GXS, InterCommit.
  • AS2 with

Plugins for Distributable Configuration

  • Easy installation of EDI scenarios.
  • Example configurations can be downloaded.
  • Distribution and sharing of configurations by e.g. users, ERP-suppliers, EDI-communities or EDI-hubs.
  • Make a plugin of your configuration; e.g. for support purposes, configuration back-up, for test environment.
  • Easy update/patch possible.

Technical Features

  • Platform independent; runs on Windows, Linux, OSX, Unix.
  • Programming language: Python is used for configuration (mapping scripts, grammars, user exits etc.).
  • Bots uses the django web frame-work.
  • By default the cherrypy web server is used.  Bots is scalable: uses apache as web server.
  • By default uses SQLite database.  Bots is scalable: use MySQL, PostgreSQLdatabases as database.
  • Heavy customisable by user scripting/user exits.
  • Powerful debug options when developing EDI translations.
  • Great features to test your configuration.
  • Use different/multiple environments.

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