Appleyard Solutions provides training and education to small-to-medium sized businesses, as well as to business/sales professionals, and independent contractors.  Essentially, if you are someone who is responsible for acquiring new customers or clients for your company, we are confident that we can introduce you to strategies, tools, and methods that will help you accomplish this important objective.

Regardless of the types of products or services a company offers, they must be able to attract new customers.  It is only natural for business owners and business professionals to be highly focused on the industry-specific matters that are relevant to their business.  Issues such as fulfilling their products or services to existing customers, improving their products and services, and the operational details such as accounting, legal, and technical support often command the greatest attention of most business owners and business professionals.  Unfortunately, the issue of actually getting new customers can often get lost in the shuffle.  As a result, many business owners and business professionals will put money into expensive advertisements or overpriced marketing campaigns, as a way to “fix” their marketing problem.  While an expensive ad or marketing piece may get some results, we believe that there are more efficient and cost-effective ways for businesses to acquire new customers.

Our training and education services can allow even the most “non-techie” business owners to implement their own marketing strategies, tools, and methods, without having to pay a high priced agency or media company.  Our view is that business owners and business professionals will be in a much better position when they learn these strategies and methods one time, as opposed to having to pay for expensive, underperforming advertising, for the entire life of their business.

The processes and procedures, for acquiring new customers, no longer need to be a secret that is only reserved for “marketing professionals” and high priced advertising agencies.  As you go through our training, we’re confident that you will have many “a-ha moments”, as we reveal the strategies, tools, and methods that marketers have quietly kept to themselves for far too long. The goal of our training services is to “pull back the curtain” on marketing procedures that do not require huge advertising budgets.  Once your business acquires the knowledge that our training services provide, we believe that you will have the confidence to implement many of your own marketing strategies and methods, without having to overpay others to accomplish this objective for you.