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The Challenge of Managing Data

Automated Data Mapping and Integration

The challenge of managing data in a growing organisation is how to minimise silos and how to ensure that data remains consistent, uniform and updated, wherever necessary, and as quickly as possible throughout the multitude of systems that are deployed.  The answer to the challenge of managing data is data integration.  Taking data from multiple systems, moving it as quickly as technologically feasible between systems and ensuring that it’s done correctly and consistently is the promise of data integration.

Appleyard Solutions puts enterprise-grade data integration power into the hands of small to mid-sized companies.  Additionally, Appleyard Solutions provides broad support for data types critical to small and mid-sized companies.  It all starts with support for the flat-file format; one of the most widely available and adopted file formats used in corporate back-end systems today.  Through Appleyard’s support for flat-files, companies can easily add support for ERP systems from SAP, Sage, IFS, Oracle, and many more.  We also offer data integration with systems supporting XML and this gives you access to one of the most widely deployed used data formats in modern day systems of today.

Working quickly is at the heart of what we do at Appleyard Solutions, and that starts with a unique mapping environment that uses industry standards and formats, with a way of creating one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many maps using the least number of steps feasible, so you can make quick work of even the largest projects.

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