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Services for Bots Open Source EDI Translator

EDI Set Up

Appleyard Solutions will configure Bots for you, integrate the data mapping from source to target, will take care of the communication, assist you in getting the EDI specifications clear (setting up any inhouse file), co-operate with your IT personnel to get the right imports and export working, and more.


These services includes

  • Consultancy; how to process the EDI data to/from your ERP system(s), provide communication to your back office consultants, and provide training where necessary
  • We provide all the mappings and grammars
  • Set up communication links with your EDI trading partner (i.e. email, ftp, sftp, VAN, AS2 etc)
  • We use remote login to install the Bots Open EDI Translator
  • We faciliate testing with a single partner
  • Support is provided for the delivered configuration

The deliverables are a working and tested EDI solution.
We have a backup of your EDI set-up so we can assist any future upgrades and changes.EDI solutions
Don’t get bogged down with the technical details of the EDI set-up and formats.

Let Appleyard Solutions provide you with a scalable and flexible EDI solution.

Click HERE if you would like to know what Appleyard Solutions can do for you and your EDI requirements.

EDI course

Learn how to set up EDI with Bots Open Source EDI Translator.  Often costs for EDI get high because of ongoing customisations per customer/retailer.  Allow us to assist with your EDI training.

Inform about rates.

Please note:

  • Appleyard Solutions prefers to work on base of a quotation with fixed prices.  Ask for quote.
  • Work done as a service is not open source.  Default policy of Appleyard Solutions is non-disclosure.  EDI is about business data – business data is not public.  I will be glad to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s).

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