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EDI integration is not a new concept, but one that has been around technology for over 25 years.  And in that time, there has been a drive to reduce manual processing and to significantly reduce costly errors, both of which have been key objectives for small, medium and large organisations.

To facilitate this control over the supply chain, exchanging transaction data with key trading partners in an automated, integrated, and seamless manner is simply the beginning.  To be at its most effective, integrated EDI must provide management with a clear, validated means of relating investment in the software, procedures, and countless tasks associated with managing EDI, in concise and quantifiable financial benefits.

At Appleyard Solutions, we help organisations transform business-critical EDI data to and from the different formats used by their trading partners and systems.

EDI Flow

For over two decades, Appleyard Solutions have been powering the EDI and data integration of companies throughout UK and Europe.  Over 200 organisations rely on the EDI expertise and know-how in order to process daily transactions and move critical business data between systems. Additionally, we also offer our complete library of pre-built Trading Partner Kits that allows seamless integration within an EDI framework communicating with any retailer or trading partner.

We offer EDI implementation services using the Bots Open Source EDI Translator.  Appleyard Solutions provides these services globally using remote login and the latest communications techniques.

So, if you need consulting, mapping, configuration, testing, installing of Bots Open Source EDI Translator, get in touch here.  We have a network of EDI professionals who have just about every flavour of EDI there is along with their data requirement to all back-end systems – from Quickbooks to SAP and everything in between.

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